From Outlawing Islam To Banning Homosexuals, New Poll Proves Trump Has The Most Bigoted Supporters

With Donald Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. and the strong support of white supremacists, it is no surprise that he has the most racist followers of any presidential candidate, but a new poll that shows just how bigoted his fans truly are is still jaw dropping.

A new Public Policy Poll of South Carolina voters was released on Tuesday, and the results are astounding.

When it comes to the confederate flag, 70 percent believe that the racist and treasonous symbol should still be flying at the State Capitol. Only 20 percent agree that it should have been taken down.

Even more surprising is that 38 percent of Trump voters wish that the South had won the Civil War, another 39 percent say they just aren’t sure. (A mere 24 percent say they glad the North won.) Of Republican primary voters in the state, only 36 percent say they are glad the North won, compared to 30 percent for the South.

Trump’s supporters are the only ones who overwhelmingly said they wish the South had won.

A full eighty percent of Trump voters said they support his ban on Muslims entering the U.S. Even more shocking is that 31 percent said they would also support banning homosexuals from entering the country as well, which only 17 percent of voters backing any other candidate support.

When it comes to a database for Muslims, 62 percent of Trump’s supporters think this is a good idea, and 40 percent are for shutting down all mosques in the U.S. period – something no one else’s voters support at all. Going further, a full third of trump’s supporters think the entire religion of Islam should be outlawed in the U.S. altogether.

To provide context for the views of Trump’s voters, 32 percent still think putting the Japanese in internment camps during World War II was a swell plan too.

Even worse than having actual data to demonstrate just how bigoted Trump’s base actually is, is the fact that the poll also shows Trump to be in the lead in South Carolina, with the support of 35 percent of Republican voters in the state.

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