Frightening: Mike Huckabee Proves His Ignorance Of History By Saying Dred Scott Is Still The ‘Law Of The Land’ (AUDIO)

It’s tough to pinpoint the most frightening things about Mike Huckabee. Perhaps it’s his snake oil salesman charm; perhaps it’s his religious extremism, or maybe that the people of Arkansas elected him as governor despite the fact that he’d fail basic civics or American history.

During an interview with radio host Michael Medved, Huckabee talked about Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis and her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Huckabee has inserted himself into the hubbub surrounding Davis’s contempt of court jail time and her release.

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In the interview, he compared Davis’s actions to Dred Scott, only not in the way any sort of thinking person would. Instead of admitting that Davis’ actions mirrored what is typically called the Supreme Court’s worst ruling (except perhaps Citizens United) – which said that black people, although no longer slaves, were not citizens – he mistakenly said that Dred Scott was current law and that it was simply ignored.

“Michael, the Dred Scott decision of 1857 still remains to this day the law of the land which says that black people aren’t fully human,” he told the radio host. “Does anybody still follow the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision?”

Medved corrected Huckabee, noting that the Dred Scott ruling was later overturned by a constitutional amendment.

“Well the Dred Scott decision was overturned by the 13th amendment and if you go look at the Lincoln-Douglas debates in 1858 right after the Dred Scott decision was adjudicated, Governor — and seriously it’s right there — Lincoln says, ‘we must respect this decision as the will of the court but I think it was wrongly decided and now we must overcome it.’”

Source: Talking Point Memo

Actually, it was the 14th Amendment that overturned Dred Scott, but that’s something Huckabee should have known. Not ironically at all, it was also the 14th Amendment that enabled the legalization of same-sex marriage, so I guess it’s not surprising that Huckabee would want to white wash (yes, pun intended) the amendment right out of our history.

Here’s the audio:

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