Fox’s Geraldo Rivera Accuses Orlando Victims Of Being Stupid For Not Fighting Back (VIDEO)

On Monday, as the country mourns with the family and friends of the victims who were killed in the Pulse shooting in Orlando, Geraldo Rivera appeared on Fox & Friends and disparaged the people in the club for not fighting back:

When you’re in that situation and you have no weapons, you have two choices. If you can’t hide and you can’t run, you have two choices. You stay and die, or you fight. For God’s sakes, fight back. Fight back. There’s 100 people that he murdered with one weapon that he reloaded. When he reloaded they must, people must, America must understand, we are at war with Islamic terror, with these terrorists. We’ve got to stop them in Raqqa, we’ve got to stop them in Mosul, and we’ve got to stop them in the Pulse, Orlando.

First of all, Rivera must not know anything about guns. The shooter (I refuse to say his name because fuck him) was using an AR-15 assault rifle. Witnesses say the shooting never seemed to end which means that he likely had a 30-round magazine. But even if the magazine was smaller, an AR-15 is incredibly easy to reload quickly, it can be done in about 2 seconds. Here’s a video demonstrating how quickly it can be done:

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Imagine you are in a dark nightclub, your friends are being shot all and the gunman stops to reload his gun, but it’s done so quickly that your mind doesn’t even register it. THAT is what happened at Pulse.

Rivera also said that we need MOAR GUNZ! According to his logic every establishment needs an armed guard and wands that detect firearms. The one problem with that? The night club did have an armed off-duty police officer as security. The officer tried to stop the murderer but he was woefully out-gunned. Even if the club had metal detectors or something else, that would not have stopped this shooting since this vile human being started firing his weapon at the door.

Finally, a member of the If You Only News family, Donna Robbins, lost her dear friend in the shooting at Pulse. Edward Sotomayor Jr., was shot in the back while he tried to shield his boyfriend from the shooter’s bullets. His boyfriend made it out safely, but Edward died at the hospital — he was a hero. He may not have jumped on the gunman like Rivera expected him to but he died saving someone else’s life. For the Fox News host to say people like Eddie and the other victims of the shooting were cowards because they didn’t react the way he thinks he’d react is bullshit. I know Rivera likes to victim-blame, but it is time for him to sit down and shut up. He’s as big an idiot as the rest of the fools at Fox.

Watch the Fox & Friends segment via Media Matters:

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