Fox’s Favorite Uncle Ruckus: #BlackLivesMatter Support Is About Democrats ‘Whoring For Votes’ (VIDEO)

Sheriff David Clarke is your classic black racist who can’t see how much self-hatred he holds in his own heart. He completely denies that racism is a problem in America at all, particularly in the area of policing. On that particular matter, he once insisted that authorities and activists needed to “stop trying to fix the police,” and “fix the ghetto.”

Now, Sheriff Clarke has once again appeared on Fox News, and spewed forth more racism against his own, while attacking both the #BlackLivesMatter civil rights movement and Democratic presidential candidates in one fell swoop. In an interview with host Sean Hannity, Sheriff Clarke insisted that the Democratic candidates’ engagement and support for #BlackLivesMatter is completely fake.

“They’re whoring for votes,” Clarke said. “They know that’s what they’re doing. The liberal ideology has been very destructive for the black community for the last 50 or 60 years. Poverty is now generational, it’s a lifestyle.”

No, Sheriff Clarke. Now, you and others might dispute this– including some #BlackLivesMatter activists– but liberals actually care about social justice. It’s you and your ilk who are doing the harm. You deny that racism is a problem at all, and I think you sincerely believe that it all ended when President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act. Guess what? It didn’t. The legacy of slavery and Jim Crow is still very much alive in America. You, as a black man, should know that better than anyone. But, you don’t, because you’re too busy hating your blackness and trying to force white racists to accept you.

Hannity, of course, agreed with Clarke, and chimed right in, saying that Democratic candidates for president were simply “sucking up” to #BlackLivesMatter in an effort to court the much-coveted black vote. The only one who seemed to have any sense on the issue whatsoever was Clarke’s fellow guest on Hannity’s show, Juan Williams. Williams said:

There is a real issue of excessive use of police force in the country. Black Lives Matter has come as a response to that issue, and so what you get is Democratic politicians –

But Clarke cut him right off, saying angrily, “No, there isn’t.”

Williams plowed on, though, and continued:

“He says there isn’t. There’s no argument that clearly there’s an issue if you have Michael Brown, if you have Eric Garner, if you can go on.”

Exactly, Mr. Williams. Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Walter Scott– the list of tragically lost black lives at the hands of violent, racist white cops is so long I can’t even recall them all off the top of my head at this point. But, of course, the likes of Uncle Tom Clarke will never listen to you. He’s too busy deciding which area of the plantation house he needs to attend to next.

Watch the entire exchange below, courtesy of Media Matters for America:

Featured image via Raw Story

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