Foxbots Lose Their Sh*t Because London Just Elected A Muslim Mayor (IMAGES)

British lawyer Sadiq Khan was elected mayor of London this week, making him the first Muslim mayor of a major western capital city. Khan, a member of the Labour party, easily defeated his conservative rival Zac Goldsmith, 1,310,143 votes to 994,614. The campaign was ugly at times, with Goldsmith accusing Khan of supporting Muslim radicals. But voters weren’t buying what Goldsmith was trying to sell them, and they made it clear by giving the son of Pakistani immigrants a solid victory.

Khan thanked his supporters and promised he would be a mayor for all Londoners. He added, “I am so proud that London has today chosen hope over fear.”

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The reaction from American Islamophobes was swift and predictable. Here’s how anti-Muslim fearmonger Pamela Geller reported the story on her website:Geller Khan

And of course the election has set off the crazies who inhabit the bowels of the comment threads at Fox NewsBut in this case, some Londoners are fighting back.

“Moomerchant” is one of several who sees Khan’s election as the beginning of the end for the UK. But good news, America! He thinks our guns will save us from the Muslim hoards.


“GP Russell” said that he won’t be going to London on vacation now, and immediately got called out by a London resident.

GP Russell

Lenard Miller took a swipe at the intelligence of the English, and got hit right back, much harder. Touché!

Lenard Miller

“HOEX” probably thought he was being clever, but one Brit proved who the clever one really was.


Hoex reply

When “childhoodsend” brought up the beheading of a British soldier in London, in reply to a comment about how safe the city is, it didn’t end well for him.


Childhoodsend reply

And of course there was one commenter who went full racist.


Sadly, the comment about most Americans not being able to find London on a map is probably accurate. Even more so when the Americans you are talking about are people who post comments on Fox News stories. While you can’t say for sure, it’s a pretty good bet that most of the commenters had not heard the name Sadiq Khan before yesterday. It’s also a pretty good bet that they still know little if anything about him. But they know he’s a “Moo-slim” and that’s all they need (or want) to know.

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