Foxbots Have A Racist Meltdown Over Obama’s Attorney General Pick

President Obama nominates first African-American woman to AG seat

President Obama announced today that Loretta Lynch is his pick for US Attorney General, and will make history if her nomination goes through.

The sudden pick had republicans surprised, as they thought President Obama should have waited until the new Congress is seated. Apparently, Obama has been paying attention enough to know better and wanted to push his nomination through before the new republican majority could sit down to tell him ‘No.’

The White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest issued a statement:

Ms. Lynch is a strong, independent prosecutor who has twice led one of the most important U.S. Attorney’s offices in the country.

She will succeed Eric Holder, whose tenure has been marked by historic gains in the areas of criminal justice reform and civil rights enforcement.

Fox readers called the Loretta Lynch pick ‘reverse racism’

It seems that Fox News followers have surmised that because President Obama is half-black he only picked Lynch based on race.

Here are some of the so-not-racist comments on the Fox News post (grammar and spelling left as is):

Apparently President Obama has not been told that it is illegal to hire based on race.

Perfect. Nice little trap layed  by Obama. If anyone is critical of her he can play the race card or the war on women card.

[Lynch] Another racist who hates white people, cops and Republicans.

why does he always choose black people!!!! oh nevermind, he’s a racist

See? President Obama is the racist! Loretta Lynch is the racist…because reasons!


Ever notice how these Fox sheep are really, really bothered by racism but can’t acknowledge that they themselves are the terrible racists?

Not all comments were racist in nature, the one of the top comments of the day was conspiratorial:

He didn’t pick her because she is black. He picked her, because she will protect him at all costs; and will abuse whatever power is necessary to propagate his Dictatorship.

Worst. Dictator. Ever.This guy must have missed the Republican sweep of the midterm elections.

Where do these people get their news from? Oh, right, Fox.

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Loretta Lynch

Racists commenting on President Obama’s AG pick, Loretta Lynch’s nomination.

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