Fox Station Makes HUGE Racist ‘Error’ On Protester’s Chant, Victim Fights Back (VIDEO)

Fox Purposely Cuts Video Short To Make Protesters Sound Like Cop-Killers

Fox News 45, an affiliate in Baltimore, ran a rather misleading story on a Washington D.C. Black Lives Matter protest. The footage was originally aired on C-Span but the Fox affiliate edited the video and erroneously reported that the protesters were calling for the killing of cops.

The chant actually said:

We won’t stop.
We can’t stop.
‘Til killer cops.
Are in cell blocks.

What the totally not racists reported:

We won’t  stop.
We can’t stop.
Kill a cop.

Here is a recording of the video before it was taken down:

This wasn’t a simple oops. The original video on C-Span was longer and more clear in its message. This was a seemingly perfectly framed editing to purposely make protesters look bad or the editors just heard what they wanted to hear; the timing coincides with the shooting death of two NYPD cops and it seemed to be an obvious ploy for ratings.

Here is the full video:

Fox 45 ran the edited version of the video and their commentary three times before the featured woman in the video, Tawanda Jones, was made aware that the Baltimore news station had cut the video down and misquoted what she was shouting into the megaphone.

Jones wrote on her Facebook page:

Jones is furious after her protest chant is misreported and edited to make it sound like her group wanted to kill cops.

Jones is furious after her protest chant is misreported and edited to make it sound like her group wanted to kill cops. Facebook

Since the station was alerted to the “error” it has pulled the story and video from it’s website, publishing this statement:

Fox45 is apologizing for an error made on Fox45 News at Ten last night. We aired a clip from a protest in Washington, DC where we reported protesters were chanting “kill a cop”. We received a phone call from Tawanda Jones, who is in the video, who informed us that the chant was actually, ‘We won’t stop….We can’t stop…. ’til killer cops…. are in cell blocks.’

We here at Fox45 work hard every day to earn your trust and bring you fair and comprehensive news from around the country. Although last night’s report reflected an honest misunderstanding of what the protesters were saying, we apologize for the error. We have deleted the story on our webpage and we offered to have Ms. Jones on Fox45 News at 5:00 tonight for a live interview. We had a constructive conversation with her earlier today and she has accepted our invitation and will join us for a live interview at 5:30.

Sure you do (wink, wink).

Adding insult to injury, The Blaze even pointed out the error!

The right-wing site called out Fox 45 for the error but it didn’t make any difference to their totally not racist fans, who left ridiculous  comments on their site.

A few examples:

No, not racist at all! The site shows anyone with eyeballs and ears that these people were protesting for murdering cops to go to jail for their crimes and it’s still a big race-bash. Tsk, tsk.

Jones’ Facebook page shows she has a job with Knowledge Universe, so, this is awkward. And totally NOT racist.

Apparently, Secret Squirrel missed the minor detail of Fox being utterly wrong, admitting it, and a right wing news site such as “The Blaze” confirming the story and telling readers that Fox really messed up, but alas, this internet detective isn’t quite convinced.

The comments on the actual Fox 45 apology made me want to scream into a pillow a  lot less:

The rally from the video took place in Washington D.C.. Jones became very involved in protesting police shootings after her brother, Tyrone West, died in police custody in 2013. Jones is very active in her community, fighting peacefully for victims of racism and police violence.

Tawanda said in her interview:

We need good cops, I need, my community needs good cops. Nobody deserves to be brutalized, so that hurt me. That’s why I never said all cops, I made sure I was strategic as to say ‘Killer cops, belong in cell blocks.’ Meaning that everybody should be held accountable for their actions. If I kill someone, I deserve a cell block. If you kill somebody, you deserve a cell block.

Jones said in her interview she is also scared for her life, being labeled a cop killer during this tumultuous time.

You killed a piece of me. I never thought my name would be in a negative light.

Click here for her full interview with Fox 45.

H/T: The Blaze | Photo: Fox 45 (Screenshot)

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