Fox News Turns On Trump Again, Slams Him For Lying About Black Poverty Statistics

The alt-right loves to employ various cherrypicked or “creatively interpreted” statistics on racism to justify the asinine position that they’re superior to black people because they lack melanin. Donald Trump, the alt-right candidate, has fallen into the trap of citing these statistics numerous times, and he did it again just recently while discussing black people and poverty.

That’s nothing new. What is news, however, is who went after Trump for his fake statistics:  Fox News.

“That’s not good.”

Fox and Trump have officially broken up, methinks. After a rocky primary, the infotainment network has officially called it quits, and as a consequence, we get shows like the one we got on Sunday where Chris Wallace went after Kellyanne Conway, the current Trump Campaign manager, because Trump lied about black poverty statistics.

In a recent speech, Trump made the following claims about the black population:

“Poverty, rejection, horrible education, no housing, no homes, no ownership, crime at levels that nobody’s seen.”

This is . . .  related to the truth in a way Trump usually isn’t. It’s telling he didn’t say anything about police abuse or incarceration rates, but he doesn’t care. If he’d stopped there, though, he might have been onto something (that something likely being victim blaming in a roundabout way). But as Wallace pointed out, he didn’t:

“But, Kellyanne, that totally misrepresents what blacks face in this country. Trump says black youth unemployment is 58 percent. It’s actually 19 percent. Twenty-six percent of blacks live in poverty. That’s not good. But the vast majority do not.”

“How can Trump address the problem when he doesn’t seem to understand what it really is?”

Kellyanne noted that “the 58 percent refers to the number of African-American youth who are not working,” and added:

“We’re also taking our message to African-Americans who are concerned about other things like lending, like housing, like discrimination. They may be unsafe. They may live in safe neighborhoods with fine schools, but it certainly isn’t what their children deserve. They deserve the same high-quality education as other children. And that’s his point.”

Trump’s real point is “I’ll say whatever it takes to get me more attention.” That was a smooth topic shift, though, to avoid discussing that Trump is full of crap.

“I’m not sure how she got 58% from 19%; where’d the other 39% come from? I’ll grant that the usual way to figure unemployment doesn’t take into consideration underemployed and people who’ve stopped looking for work. I doubt a full 39% of the African American population has stopped looking for work, though, because that’s what she’s implying — not that African Americans are underemployed. She said, “not working.”

Fox has actually been signaling for a while they’re off the Trump Train, outside of a few holdouts like that oaf and liar Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly.

That Fox would call Trump’s campaign out, and that his campaign manager wouldn’t offer so much as a pushback, shows how far Trump’s campaign has sunk. Liberals shouldn’t get cocky, though; even though Trump looks dead, we need to get our asses out in November and show with our votes the Alt-Right ideology he panders to is not welcome in this country. Multiculturalism and justice are mutually exclusive with fascism and nationalism. You can’t have both, so you go with the one that harms fewer people. And nobody’s committed a genocide in the name of multiculturalism, no matter how much the delusional “white genocide” crowd might cling to their lie that the otherwise is true.

Watch the video below:

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