Fox News Tries To Get Trump Protester To Agree To Muslim Ban, His Reaction Is Priceless (VIDEO)

If you were wondering if Fox News was pulling for Donald Trump and his policies, well, it should be fairly obvious, but yes, they clearly are. Yet another example that proves that very point came when a Fox interviewer was at a Trump protest in San Jose, California.

The Fox News reporter decided to interview one of the protesters who didn’t seem to want Trump there and asked him if he was in favor of Trump’s temporary ban on Muslims entering the country.

This is when the protester looked amused and bewildered that such a question would actually be asked, and he said:

That question is so ignorant, and so insulting that I refuse to answer it.

He then turns the question back around on the reporter and asks:

Do agree with that statement?

And the reporter refused to answer the question stating he’s not the one being interviewed.

The fact that anyone would want to stigmatize an entire religion, the second largest religion in the world, mind you, with over 1.5 billion practicing the Islamic faith, is just beyond absurd in the land of the free. Trump is just trying to stir up his racist and Islamophobic base in order to get votes, and unfortunately, it’s working for him.

Luckily, there are enough people like this protester that we will hopefully prevent Trump from ever even remotely getting near the White House.

Watch the interaction here:

Featured image via video screen capture

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