Fox News Talking Skirt: Kim Davis Disobedience Equals Sharia Law In The USA (VIDEO)

In an almost unbelievable set of events, some of the most caustic and abrasive Fox News personalities have come out against Kim Davis and Mike Huckabee.

Yes you read that right. They are saying Kim Davis and Mike Huckabee are wrong.. on Fox News.. no this is not The Onion.

Andrea Tantaros and Bill O’Reilly, both actually said on live tv on Fox News, that Kim Davis is wrong for not doing her job. O’Reilly flapped on at some length about things like the Constitution and actually said she had to follow the law and not her own personal bigotry.

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Tantaros, not to be outdone by Billo, went one step further and compared Kim Davis to someone ushering in Sharia Law.

It sets a dangerous precedent. A woman with Sharia not issuing drivers’ licenses to women

And there you have it folks. This is the point where “Huckleberry Kim” held each others’ hand and jumped that shark together.

What more can anyone really say when Andrea of the Perpetual Scowl and Billo the Clown both say to stop being a jackhole and do your friggin’ job?

Seemingly, the corporate arm of the Republican party has now realized the judicial precedent this would set, in allowing Kim to claim her own personal fantasies as a requirement for accommodation by her employer. In this case it would be something like, “my religion does not allow me to do actual work but you cannot fire me.”

Here is a video of the Fox event, in all its glory”


Featured Image via Youtube Screen Capture

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