Fox News Shows Why We Need Free College By Proving They Don’t Know How High Schools Work

Fox news isn’t known for either its intelligence or it’s credibility, but this latest example of their ignorance really takes the cake.

“Doctor” Keith Ablow appeared in a segment on the fake news network to complain about the fact children in schools are allowed to identify as the gender of their choosing, and by doing so he proved why the word “doctor” doesn’t mean you’re smart.

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Keith made what might actually be the world’s worst straw-man argument ever:

What if the federal government, Barack Obama were to say ‘listen, there are people who find in their identities — they identify as younger, when they would normally graduate high school, if they say, ‘I’m really still more like 15 or 16,’ you must keep them in school.

The problem with this argument is that high school doesn’t actually have age restrictions in the way he describes. A doctor should know this. A child isn’t required to be a certain age before they enter high school, and they aren’t required to be one in order to leave. Kids graduating at 15 or 16 is common, relatively speaking, to the point where it’s barely newsworthy.

Either way you cut it, though, this literally has nothing to do with a child identifying as the gender they feel they are inside. But, as usual, Republicans play the same card as they always do when they have no logical argument. Government = bad so they’re going to take your freedom!

Watch what qualifies as a “doctor” on Fox News show how easy it is to be a fake doctor below:

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