Fox News’ Shepard Smith SHREDS Trump Over His Slimy Birther Non-Apology Infomercial (VIDEO)

Shepard Smith has proven time and time again that he is probably the only real journalist working for Fox News.

On Friday, Smith took Trump to the woodshed for tricking the media into covering his fake “press conference” in which the candidate mostly promoted his hotel and his political endorsements from military vets.

In essence, Smith said Trump “punked the media.”

“He did an eight-minute live commercial on all channels for his new hotel in Washington, then brought out American heroes to extol his greatness, then said the first black President of the United States really is an America citizen, gave no explanation for his previous statements to the contrary, or the reason for the change in position, then said Hillary Clinton started it, which she did not,” Smith said to open his program.

Smith rolled footage of Trump using the debunked allegation that the movement spawned from the conspiracy theory that President Obama was not born in the U.S. (also known as the birther movement) was started by the Clinton campaign and not him.

“There is no evidence to support the claim that Hillary Clinton or her team started the theory that President Obama wasn’t born in America. Zero, it never happened,” Smith said. “Yet this is not the first time Donald Trump has accused the Clinton camp of exactly this, even though fact-checkers have debunked the claim, including the Washington Post, Politifact, and”

The Fox News host added that Clinton’s campaign has already pointed out how Trump’s years of birther accusations against a black president have served to alienate him from black voters.

“That’s because the birther issue — illegitimate by any issue as a definition — questioned the legitimacy of our nation’s first black president and gives fuels to the ‘He’s not one of us’ lies,” Smith argued.

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Watching Smith cover the news on Fox, is like viewing a sane man locked in an asylum run by Sarah Palin.

Wouldn’t it be fun if one of the presidential debate moderators were replaced by Smith?

Featured image via YouTube.

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