Fox News’ Sean Hannity Admits He Fantasizes About Hillary Clinton’s Panties (AUDIO)

Thursday on Fox News, Sean Hannity went about his mission of digging a ditch so deep that he and other Trump puppets could lower the bar for Donald Trump regarding the upcoming presidential debate on Sunday.

On his radio show, Hannity tried to make the argument that Trump didn’t need to “win” the debates.

“’I actually have come to a different conclusion as it relates to debates,’ Hannity said. ‘Hear me out on this. I don’t think Trump has to win the debates.’”

After all, presidential debates are about serious issues and would require at least a semi-knowledgeable person who is competent enough to communicate his or her point of view (backed by facts) to the American people with presidential decorum and class.

And, let’s just be honest — Trump has trouble understanding and remembering information that doesn’t include pop illustrations or isn’t found in a white supremacist meme. And second, as far as presidential decorum and class are concerned….well….

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Yeah…so that’s gonna be hard negative.

Hannity seemed to take a wrong turn somewhere in his spin when he inexplicably made reference to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s underwear.

“She can’t talk about the economy. She can’t talk about the statistics I give you every day. She can’t talk about Benghazi — 600 denied requests before, not sending help during, lying after.

She can’t talk about this ridiculous Iranian deal. She can’t — she can talk about Trump’s taxes all she wants, all Trump has to do is turn to her and say why did you deduct your old underwear?

I think that would be impactful. At that point, it’s checkmate. She’s trying to do everything she can do to pay less, who is she to lecture him, and all he’s doing is following the rules and the laws that people like her, lifetime politicians, set up. And she used it herself. So ridiculous.”

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Hannity’s Freudian slip actually explains a lot.

For years, conservatives like Hannity have seemed to have an almost unhealthy fixation on Hillary Clinton. Almost like boys in grade school picking on a girl they secretly have a crush on but are too immature to express those feelings properly.

It all now makes perfect sense. Dream on Sean Hannity, dream on.

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