Fox News Reaches A New Low: Downed Egypt Airplane ‘Good Politically For Donald Trump’ (VIDEO)

In a jaw-dropping display of indifference and callousness that would make a serial killer blush in embarrassment, Fox Business’ Stuart Varney reduced the tragic loss of EgyptAir Flight 804 to, I wish I was kidding, “a plus for Donald Trump.”

Raw Story reports:

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“I also think this may be good politically for Donald Trump,” Varney opined. “He’s already tweeted out, saying this is probably terrorism.”

“He’s the guy who is saying, hands off, keep Muslims out temporarily whist we figure out who comes in,” the Fox host continued. “An incident of this type is surely a plus for Donald Trump.”

As of this writing, we have no idea what happened to bring Flight 804 down but that hasn’t stopped Trump from blaming it on terrorists. And since Fox is now bending over backwards to kiss Trump’s ass, of COURSE they’re going all in on the terrorism angle. But even so, it’s disturbing to see Fox be so open and transparent about how Republicans respond to a tragedy.

When your first thoughts about the death of over 60 people is “How can my candidate use this to his advantage? Will this benefit my side?” you are not a moral and decent human being. You are a monster. Even as Varney was about to plunge into the abyss of political amorality, he paused for a second, almost as if the last little part of his soul that hadn’t been snuffed out yet was screaming at him to hang on to his humanity. But then he stomped his inner Jiminy Cricket and that was that.

And just to emphasize how little human life means to Fox, Fox & Freinds host and resident lobotomy survivor, Steve Doocy brought the conversation back around to how Americans have to suffer long lines at the airport. Because that’s not all that different than dozens of people dying, right?

Watch Fox News prove that there really is no end to their depravity:

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