Fox News Panel Blames Rape Victims For Their Assaults AGAIN (VIDEO)

Last month a panel on the Fox News show “Outnumbered” said that college girls should take ‘personal responsibility’ for drinking too much and putting themselves in vulnerable situations where they’re raped. Apparently one disgusting blame the victim panel was enough because they are at it again. On Wednesday, Andrea Tantaros, a host on the show said much the same thing.

“I’m sick of the feminists who scream from the rooftops that men need to do this. Yes men need to be gentlemen and figure out, I guess, how to get laid? There’s an app for that, we talked about that. But also, women need to decide, either we’re strong women who are capable of taking care of ourselves, or we are victims who need a special set of rules and regulations. Which one are we? Someone tell me.” [Source]

Tantaros’ ignorant rant was in response to the University of New Mexico’s “Sex Week” which will hold seminars like,” How to be a gentleman AND get laid.” The school started the program to try and combat campus rapes which doubled nationwide in 2012.

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Apparently the imbeciles over at Fox have not yet learned that women (or any victim) cannot prevent rape. It doesn’t matter what a women does to ‘protect’ themselves. We can be completely sober, covered from head to toe and still be sexually assaulted. Rape is not about sex; rape is about power.

When people blame rape victims the only thing they do is further victimize people who have gone through a horrendous experience. This rhetoric is exactly the reason sex crimes are so underreported. RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organization, report that 60% of rape victims never report their assault to the police. Furthermore, 97% of rapists will never spend a day in jail.

Thank the fine upstanding citizens (lots of sarcasm) at Fox News and their rhetoric for ensuring that rape victims will continue to feel shame and not report their assaults.

Watch Fox’s Tantaros blame rape victims for their assaults.

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