Fox News’ Obsession With Donald Trump Is Literally Killing Its Own Network 


Everyone always teases how fox news viewers, like Donald Trump supporters, are the least informed people on the earth. But that inner joke soon came realized when a study confirmed that watching Fox News make you less informed (and tolerable at Thanksgiving). Despite boasting  some of the highest ratings in its near-20-year history, including airing its two most viewed telecasts ever, the chipper and cutesy right-wing propaganda network’s standing with Republican viewers has hit a three-year low, according to YouGov BrandIndex.

By mid February, according to YouGov, Fox’s perception by Republican adults 18 and over had reached its lowest point in more than three years, and has declined by approximately 50 percent since January of this year.

But what accounts for the steady drop? I mean, President Obama is still in office, and there’s never any shortage of Baracknophobia. 

The steady drop in Fox news viewership happens to coincide with a very nasty election and the rise of Donald Trump, a screaming mean girl and soft fascist who has alienated many moderate republican voters. Obviously, Trump’s entry into the race and his showmanship style created record ratings for Fox during its August debate, which was the most viewed telecast in the network’s history.

But as the race dragged on and got dirtier and crazier, and as Trump got crazier and more abusive, two unique things started happening: anti-Trump Republicans became furious at Fox as well as Pro-Trump Republicans. The former of the two were justly disgusted with Fox for making it the 24-hour Trump show and airing all of his embarrassing antics. The latter, of course, haven’t a single functioning brain cell and therefore were upset at Fox for attacking Trump for his juvenile and misogynist attacks on Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. That’s right–Trump supporters were upset that a man seeking the nuclear launch codes couldn’t tweet about a grown woman and serious journalist being a big old whore.

While no amount of voodoo will make Donald Trump or Fox News go away for good anytime soon, it’s refreshing to see that the purveyor of factless propaganda is on a downward spiral.

Featured image via  Alternet

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