Fox News Moron: Cruz Is The ‘Thinking Man’s Donald Trump’ Because He Quotes The Bible Better

Think of all the qualities you would want in a leader of the free world. Is quoting the Bible one of them? Because according to Fox Host Meghan McCain, the ability to quote the Bible is what separates Trump from Cruz — and what makes Cruz the “thinking man’s” Donald Trump.

“Thinking.” She’s using this word, but I’m not convinced she knows what it means.

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Getting Biblical

That this is who it’s coming down to in Iowa — the son of a pastor, considered an anointed king to bring about the End Times Transfer of Wealth to the righteous gentiles on one hand, and a billionaire foghorn playing the Turner Diaries’ audio book 24/7 under a physics defying hairpiece on the other — gives a very unflattering look at a good minority of this country’s population.

But here we are, Trump versus Cruz. This was the topic of discussion on Fox’s Outnumbered Tuesday; Weekly Standard columnist Stephan Hayes kicked it off by noting Cruz was getting better at fighting with Trump, in large part because Trump apparently isn’t a real conservative:

And Ted Cruz looks like he’s just waking up to that fact after having tightly embraced Donald Trump. I think that’s the risk for Cruz even if I agree with him on his substantive critique of Trump.

Is Fox’s love affair with the Teflon Don coming to an end? Again, I mean. Chronicling Trump’s relationship with Fox is like trying to keep track of who’s dating who in middle school.

Host Andrea Tantaros, one of the stupidest people on TV not named “Tucker Carlson,” “Steve Doocy,” or “Brian Kilmeade,” wondered if Cruz put up enough of a fight against an immigration bill backed by John McCain.

Meghan McCain — the daughter of said senator — called the fight against immigration “red meat for conservatives in Iowa,” before mentioning Trump misquoted Corinthians during a speech at Liberty University:

What I think is fascinating is Donald Trump was at Liberty University yesterday, Jerry Falwell’s school, very religious school obviously. He quoted Corinthians wrong and now it’s become this meme all over the Internet.

So Trump doesn’t know the Bible and misquoted it. I thought that was part of his appeal. The majority of the religious right are Biblical illiterates, so there isn’t much difference. She continued:

Ted Cruz, in many ways, is the thinking man’s Donald Trump. He’s a religious man that I think a lot of people especially in the hardcore evangelical parts of Iowa can digest as being much more religious. And I think that’s going to play really well for Ted Cruz.

I don’t know if I’d call them “more religious.” Epistemically arrogant and philosophically blinkered, maybe. But people voting for Cruz aren’t voting for him because he’s a Christian. They’re voting for him because he’s the Christian answer to Daesh.

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