Fox News Lets It Slip: They Know There’s No Way To ‘Unify The GOP’ (VIDEO)

Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy had a moment of clarity this morning when talking about the CNN Republican Debate on Thursday night.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade remarked that one of the funnier moments in the debate was Texas Senator Ted Cruz who was quick with the jokes. “But was his debate performance enough to give him an edge over the competition and have him win somewhere on Tuesday?”

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Doocy said the major problem “is the fact that John Kasich has made it very clear he’s not dropping out before Ohio.” Kasich thinks that he will somehow be viable if he wins all of 66 delegates in Ohio. Currently, Kasich has 54 delegates and winning all of Ohio would score him 120 total delegates to Donald Trump’s 459 delegates.

He’s the governor there and he’s leading by a little bit,” Doocy said. “And Marco Rubio, while it had been rumored, you know, if he doesn’t win Florida he’s going have to drop out on Wednesday morning, he made it clear yesterday he’s not going anywhere either. So you know, the plan to reunite the party behind Ted Cruz as the anti-Trump guy, that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

An aid to Rubio said Friday that he hopes that voters do support Kasich in Ohio because he believes it will be what helps stop Trump from reaching the magic 716 delegates. The anti-Trump caucus headed by Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio only have a shot at winning if there is a floor fight in Cicinatti. So, a brokered convention and another several months of infighting is what they’re hoping to achieve.

Doocy is spot on about the impossibility of unity. If Trump reaches the magic number, the establishment side of the GOP will look toward other options for their support. If the convention causes a major fight and the national Republican party shoves Trump through a trap door, the party’s activists will feel disenfranchised and likely won’t show up in November.

There’s literally no way for anyone to win on the right. But it sure is entertaining to watch.

Check out the video from Media Matters below:

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