Fox News Interviewed Obama And He Called Them Out Right To Their Faces (VIDEO)

President Obama said on Sunday that Fox News, which he described as a “Republican news channel,” holds the blame for the rise of billionaire bigot and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

Obama appeared on Fox News Sunday, where host Chris Wallace asked the president if he felt responsible for the popularity of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

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“There’s no doubt that I feel frustrated about it,” the president said. “Number one, we’re still shell shocked from what happened in 2007-2008… People lost homes, lost jobs, lost life savings and they still don’t fully know how that happened and was the system fixed in a way they can have confidence in.”

Wallace was then curious why Obama hadn’t “fixed that in eight years.”

So Obama broke it down into simple terms for Wallace and his viewers.

The perception is going to be changing over time as people see results. But — and this is the big but — nobody is going to be 100 percent satisfied in a democracy like ours with every outcome.

And I think the danger both among Republicans and among Democrats who just listen to each other or they just listen to people that already agree with them — you know, Republicans have their own TV station.

“Go ahead,” Wallace interrupted. “You can say Fox News.” The president continued his explanation of the situation unphased.

They’ve got their own publications, their own blogs. Democrats, same thing. Increasingly what happens is, we don’t hear each other. And so what happens then is when Republicans promise to repeal Obamacare and it doesn’t get repealed, they’re outraged.

The President then pointed out that Democrats had been equally distraught when they had been unable to get a public health insurance option into the Affordable Care Act.

“This can be our century just like the 20th century was as long as we don’t tear each other apart because our politics values sensationalism or conflict over cooperation,” Obama concluded. “If we get that part right, nobody can stop us.”

Watch Obama Break things down for Fox News Sunday, via Rawstory:

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