Fox News In CHAOS After Host Breaks Ranks And Calls For Assault Weapon Ban On Air (VIDEO)

The NRA’s favorite network may have some explaining to do to their masters after a Fox News host ignored her mandatory neo-con talking points and called for a ban on assault weapons like the one used to kill 50 innocent people in Orlando over the weekend.

Fox host Gretchen Carlson has a reputation as a staunchly ultra-conservative commentator who more often than not attacks anything or anyone to the left of Texas Senator Ted Cruz. But this week Carlson just could not bring herself to parrot the NRA’s carefully worded talking points. Instead, she tried something new, telling the truth:

There’s no doubt Omar Mateen was able to kill so many people because he was firing an AR-15,” she said. “A military-style assault weapon, a weapon easier to buy in the state of Florida than buying a handgun. Florida sets a three-day waiting period for purchasing handguns, but the state mandates no waiting period for any gun that requires two hands to hold.

One could only imagine NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre cursing at his expensive big screen TV while grabbing for his phone to call Rupert Murdoch (Owner of Fox News), and his increasing frustration as the phone kept slipping from his hands due to the unusual amount of gun oil on them.

Like most in the media, Carlson reported that the weapon used in the massacre was an AR-15 assault rifle. However, numerous gun advocates point out that the weapon used was, in fact, a Sig Sauer MCX. However, the differences between the two weapons have little to do with the deadly damage they both can inflict.

The differences between the two semi-automatic assault rifles also have nothing to do with gun control regulations which more Americans support after numerous mass shootings involving military caliber high-velocity assault rifles.

Carlson cited a Quinnipiac Poll taken last December, which said that 58 percent of Americans support a ban on assault weapons like the ones used in 2012 to murder 20 kindergarteners in Newton, Connecticut and more recently murder 50 people in Orlando, Florida, marking the largest mass shooting in U.S. history (so far).

Do we need AR-15s to hunt and kill deer? Do we need them to protect our families?” she asked. “Yes, I’m in favor of people being able to carry. I think some of these mass shooting would have been less deadly if that were the case.”

“But I’m also with the majority today, taking a stand,” Carlson said, regarding the assault weapons. “Can’t we hold true the sanctity of the Second Amendment while still having common sense?

However, her right-wing Fox News viewers answered with an empathic “NO,” as shown by the results of their “Question of the Day” on Twitter that asked, “Should Congress reinstate the assault weapons ban?”

The poll revealed that only 11 percent of their viewers said yes, and 89 percent said no.

In no time, neo-con Twitter rage came pouring in calling for Carlson to be promptly fired and accusing her of being in love with President Obama. Some even tried to justify the need for assault weapons as a means of defense against troops working for the U.S. government.

For now Carlson’s future on the network is in question, as the NRA has a very long memory and a very low capacity for tolerating anyone who doesn’t support their “sell more guns at any cost” agenda.

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