Fox News Implies Zuckerberg Will Attack Trump With Facebook (VIDEO)

Marc Zuckerberg’s history of polite, strong, and well received political stances and statements were not enough to get Fox News to accept his latest (very polite) slam aimed at Trump’s plan to build walls to isolate America. Now, Fox seems to be hinting that he is going to bring Facebook to bear to take on Trump.

Talk about Goliath Vs. Goliath: but is this really a thing?

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Fox’s Howard Kurtz first attempted to question whether or not the social media giant’s founder and CEO should even really be getting political, which was, of course, slapped aside as the snotty, stupid question it was. Of course, he can, and he already has.

The interesting question comes at the very end of the interview, where the host inserts the idea that Facebook could possibly be getting ready to throw some monolithic shade at “the Donald.” Citing an internal memo that supposedly asked Facebook staffers what Facebook’s role should be in preventing a “President Trump” in 2016.

The obvious reason behind this moment of “shocking news” was to damage the simple statement of Zuckerberg’s with nasty personal motives. Fox seems to be saying: yes, what Zuckerberg basically said was that this country should be building bridges, not walls, but he probably was just trying to hurt Trump for personal reasons. It is bunk, but when has Fox allowed facts or reason to get in the way of their poisonous drivel?

We already know, just by having paid attention, that Trump’s values are antithetical to Zuckerberg’s, a man who instead of suing everyone that offends his giant ego pledges billions of his own money to become the change he wishes to see in the world.

There have been no indications that Facebook will suddenly begin tweaking algorithms to stop Trump’s (FAKE) fans from seeing the nasty, bigoted, xenophobic bullshit he spews. Zuckerberg’s history as CEO doesn’t indicate this either, Facebook’s algorithms are to benefit itself: and getting neck deep in politics doesn’t seem to be in the social media juggernaut’s best interest yet. However, if it were to happen, and stopped the election of the world’s next great fascist mistake… history just may view that favorably.


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