Fox News Host Loses Her Mind On Live Television After Learning About Obama’s SCOTUS Pick (VIDEO)

It seems there is no limit to the extent Republicans will twist and contort facts if it means taking a shot at Barack Obama. From Obama’s sinister plan to lower gas prices in order to destroy the oil industry, to the ludicrous allegation that he hid an onion behind the podium to make his eyes water during his heartfelt speech about gun violence, it seems that whatever President Obama does, no matter how mundane or benign, the far right will always find a way to turn it into some nefarious plot to take your freedom and destroy America.

In the fine tradition of Republican hyperbole, the latest supposed villainous plot of the sinister Obama is that he is purposely being too reasonable to make Republicans seem unreasonable concerning the SCOTUS nomination of Judge Merrick Garland. Try sorting out that logic without a sock puppet and a Thorazine drip.

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On The Fox News Show Outnumbered this week, Conservative mouthpiece and human lithium doll, Andrea Tantaros gave her opinion on why the “Mad King” Obama is acting so darned reasonable and accommodating as she broke the fourth wall of reality and declared,

I do want to quickly talk about the political aspect of this. Merrick Garland was the one who prosecuted right-wing extremists in Oklahoma City. You heard him mention this. This is Obama’s effort to look bipartisan and reasonable. He knows that the right is divided. He’s capitalizing on that division. He knows that he is going to call them ‘allegedly violent’ Trump supporters — [they’re] going to stand up and he’s gonna say, “You’re blocking him because this is payback because he prosecuted the Oklahoma City Bombers!” He knows that that attack is coming. I believe it is a political trap.

That’s right Andrea, Obama is such a grand manipulator and evil mad scientist, he can orchestrate a complex web of deceit forcing Republicans to unconsciously do his bidding, yet he can’t seem to find a way to make Ted Nugent shut the hell up.

At the end of the day, Tantaros’ statements are just another upside-down perspective concerning all things Obama. Her statements can be added to the list of despicable distortions being spewed out daily by Republican nitwits, who have served to further damage the already fractured psyche of a million angry Fox News zombies.

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