Fox News Host Furious After Trump Lost Debate: Yeah, Well Clinton Looks Ugly (VIDEO)

The first Presidential debate is in the books. It was, as some pundits said, surreal. We had a poised, confident Hillary Clinton debating a Donald Trump who had an incessant sniffle and was apt to interrupt and ramble. He was rude to poor Lester Holt, too, who actually did the best he could. Holt even tried to call Trump out on his lies at least three times. Trump talked over Holt saying he didn’t lie about lying. It was like watching an orange ouroboros.

Over on Fox News, they tried to spin things Trump’s way, stopping short of offering up Sean Hannity as Trump’s “phone-a-friend” lifeline. Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly were the lead spinners for the Fox after party. During a conversation with Brit Hume, Baier and Kelly stared into space as they heard the following:

“(Trump) looked annoyed, put out, uncomfortable… and she (Clinton) looked I think, for the most part, she looked composed, smug sometimes, not necessarily attractive.”

Yes. Hume went there and neither Baier nor Kelly seemed to register the misogynistic, sexist remark. They just moved right along with the spinning.

“Not necessarily attractive?” Well, gosh Mr. I-Live-In-The-1950s-Sexist-Jerk-Groove, the job of President of the United States does not have any stipulation as to attractiveness. If it did, there are many who would fail on that metric. Not naming names, but some of our greatest presidents would not win a beauty contest. But they were still good… hell, great Presidents. Somehow their attractiveness had no bearing on their effectiveness. Imagine.

The point is, attractiveness is not something one must possess in order to hold the most powerful office in the country. It does not impact a POTUS’ ability to act as Commander-in-Chief or to deal with national security or even to hold state dinners. And bringing it up in this context is nothing short of abhorrent.

This comment is so sexist it makes Mad Men look forward-thinking. It has no place in any kind of commentary about a presidential election or debate. This kind of misogyny is what keeps women from being paid the same as men. Or makes men think they ought to be controlling us. It’s medieval.

Mashable has the video on Twitter:

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