Fox News Finds Racist And Slimy Way To Blame Black Dad For Zoo Gorilla’s Death (VIDEO)

Fox News once again manages to maintain its exemplary track record of giving their shrinking older angry white conservative viewership something to shake their fists at.

This time, on Tuesday’s Fox and Friends, they attacked the African American father of the child who fell into the Cincinnati Zoo’s gorilla enclosure last week, by repeatedly mentioning the fact that he has a “lengthy criminal record.”

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The father has a long rap sheet, including drugs and kidnapping charges,” Fox News host Abby Huntsman noted at the beginning of the program.

During one segment the Fox panel brought up Deonne Dickerson’s criminal past at least four times, while questioning if he should be charged with negligence for his son’s accident and the endangered Gorilla’s untimely death.

However, as co-host Ainsley Earhardt casually mentioned, there’s just one tiny problem with that scenario:

Some say the parents need to be charged,” co-host Ainsley Earhardt later told wildlife expert Grant Kemmerer, “bringing up the dad’s past criminal history who wasn’t even there at the zoo at the time

That’s right. The father wasn’t even at the zoo when the incident took place, and yet “questions” about the father’s culpability still haunted the minds of the Fox panel. Brian Kilmeade had this very appropriate question for animal expert Jeff Corwin:

Some blame the parents of the child, calling them neglectful as reports surface the father has a lengthy criminal history,” Kilmeade said. “Is someone to blame here or was this just a tragic accident?

Corwin managed to mask his annoyance with Kilmeade’s race baiting by injecting reason into the discussion (always a fruitless endeavor on Fox News).

It’s a tragic event,” Corwin advised. “And it’s really hard for us Tuesday morning to kind of tell them what they should have done.

They somehow conveniently forgot to mention the fact that the same report found that Mr. Dickerson had long since turned his life around and was now the proud father of four children. From the Daily Mail:

Criminal filings against Dickerson stretch over a decade and include burglary, firearms offences, drug trafficking, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and kidnap.

In 2006 he was sentenced to one year behind bars for a drug trafficking conviction.

But in numerous pictures posted on Dickerson’s Facebook site in recent years he appears to have turned his life around to become the proud father of four.

Indeed, the majority of his postings to the social media site are updates of his children and his working life.

In others pictures, he has uploaded his friends congratulate him and Michelle on the birth of their fourth child last January.

Cleveland-based Dickerson is from Atlanta, Georgia and studied at Cuyahoga Community College, Ohio and now works as a sorter at a Cincinnati industrial equipment supplier.

Fox News

Image via Dailymail.

Yeah, it’s funny how Fox News could be sure to mention Dickerson’s criminal past four times in one segment but fail to mention how he’d turned his life around even once. But rest assured if Dickerson was still engaged in criminal activity and absent from his child’s life, Fox News would have gleefully opined on that nugget of information numerous times as well.

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