Fox News Exploits Kid With Cerebral Palsy In Disgusting Cheap Shot At Colin Kaepernick

Ever since NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to sit during the National Anthem to protest police violence towards minorities, the blinding white rage can be heard from every corner or right-wing media. Failing to understand that our fighting men and women make the ultimate sacrifice to protect our constitutional freedoms and way of life, these deplorables are overly emotional drama queens swinging at the air. And since we don’t live in North Korea, where one could be shot for simply not dancing well enough at Kin Jong Un’s half birthday extravaganza, standing for the national anthem is NOT mandatory.

Fox News has been all too willing to exploit this issue with impunity, as they think that wearing the biggest flag pin makes you a brave patriot. Sinking to a whole new low, the pretend news network engaged in the worst kind of social media hate baiting when they picked up a video of a child with cerebral palsy standing for the National Anthem. But the biggest scumbag move came from the kid’s mother herself.

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Rebecca Wilson, of Chesterfield, Mich., said her son Logan routinely takes his hat off for the Star-Spangled Banner, but never saw him try to stand up, she told Fox 13 News.

“Until yesterday, I never really saw him try to stand,” Wilson said, “He just knew that is what we do to show respect to our country and everyone who fights so hard for us.”

This misinformed quote from the young boy’s mother made Fox News light up like the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, as it presented them with a golden opportunity to use the line as social media hate bait.


Both Fox News and this young guy’s mom seemed to have no problem exploiting a kid with cerebral palsy in order to spew their miserable uninformed hate at Kaepernick

The fact remains that ACTUAL veterans agree that Kaepernick is indeed exercising the very rights they fought to protect. But that most certainly won’t stop fake patriots from blindly attacking him – and using others to do so.

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