Fox News’ Eric Bolling Says Planned Parenthood Videos Worse Than ISIS Beheading Videos (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, the talking head on Fox News’ The Five discussed the debunked Planned Parenthood videos and Eric Bolling brought all kinds of stupid to the segment.

Bolling told the others that the heavily edited Planned Parenthood (he didn’t say edited, of course) videos are worse than the videos of ISIS beheading people:

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I watched these videos and you know I watched the beheading videos of ISIS, these videos of Planned Parenthood were far worse. They literally made me nauseous, don’t watch them.

First of all, I have watched two ISIS videos — one of a beheading and another video of them burning a Jordanian pilot alive — they were the most horrifying things I have seen in my entire life. I went to school for criminal justice and had to view crime scene photos that were pretty horrific, and none of those touched the horror in the ISIS videos. So, Bolling is full of sh*t.

The reason people shouldn’t watch these Planned Parenthood videos is because they are heavily edited to further the right-wing’s anti-abortion agenda. Watching those videos is akin to looking at an airbrushed supermodel and believing she looks like that in real life.

They have been proven false and still the folks at Fox News are selling them to their audience as fact. This is the reason Fox has the least informed television viewers in the country. My kid, who watches Nick Jr., is more informed than a Fox viewer.

To claim that a fake video is worse than an actual video of someone dying is unbelievable and totally asinine. Bolling definitely get the award for “Stupidest Comment of the Week.”


Featured image via video screen capture

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