Fox News Dumps Sarah Palin Because She’s An Irrelevant No-Talent Buffoon

I’m gonna get through the news portion of this thing as quickly as possible so I can get right to one of my favorite pastimes, bashing the sh*t out of the stupidity that is Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin ousted by Fox.

Fox News ended their relationship with ex-Governor, quitter, Vice Presidential nominee and laughing-stock Sarah Palin as of June 1st because, according to Politico, she isn’t quite relevant enough. There are also issues with the extreme time difference between Alaska and places that can’t see Russia from their back patio.

Sarah Palin still a complete moron.

Politico also pointed out that Palin has a massive online presence, and her popularity will have her traveling far and wide, speaking at campaign events for other morons just like her who have no idea how to run a country, or a state for that matter. Yes, Palin has twice as many Facebook likes as any candidate, but that probably doesn’t take into consideration people like me who like her page just so we’re in the loop when she posts something incredibly stupid.

That happens a lot.

Sarah Palin is sad, irrelevant and useless.

What has Sarah Palin ever accomplished? Nothing. If it weren’t for McCain making the world’s worst decision for a running mate, Katie Couric making her look like a fool on national television…twice…and the ridiculous things that come out of her mouth, nobody would have any idea who Sarah Palin was. People read articles with “Palin” in them expecting absurdity. They look forward to the pictures of her goofy face, her over-sized glasses and her 1987 big hair bangs. Why not? in today’s polarized political climate its important to remember that the poster girl for the conservative movement is an idiot.

Sarah Palin is an embarrassment to herself, her faith, and her party.

Calling yourself a foreign policy expert because you can see a strip of Russia from a remote island off the coast of your state on a clear summer day isn’t the best way to introduce yourself to the American people. Continuing to allow words to spill forth from your obviously drunken mouth when you seemingly failed 6th grade history is even worse, and when you feel the need to tell people that the wildlife in your state needs to just take one for the team and die to make way for oil drilling, you’ve officially passed the point of no return from clueless.

When your number two topic of conversation after being clueless is how your faith guides you and your family while you hold the grandchild your 17-year-old daughter had out-of-wedlock, you look rather foolish. When the press gets a hold of the pictures from your drunken Hatfield and McCoy brawl with the neighbors and has a field day with how you couldn’t turn the other cheek if you tried, talking God just makes you a hypocrite.

You are an embarrassment to an already embarrassing party. Consider just how pathetic that is.

So Palin is irrelevant politically, since the only people who care what she says are imbeciles, irrelevant publicly, since she’s so irrelevant even Fox News can’t use her dimwitted banter, and irrelevant morally and socially, since she can’t seem to do anything other than make a fool of herself .

Maybe we should send her to that island off of Alaska with a pair of binoculars and have her wait for Putin to arrive.

H/T: Politico | Image: Screen capture from YouTube

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