Fox News Doing Damage Control For Trump After The Emmy Awards (VIDEO)


Jill Soloway spoke about Trump’s use of “otherizing” to gain political power, and compared him to Hitler: Fox news tried to make it go away. Soloway called Donald Trump the “most dangerous monster” of our lifetime in comments after her acceptance speech for her Best Director Award at the Emmys. She nailed him for displaying the same behaviors as Hitler, and explained why she felt that way. Fox News, however, apparently felt the need to turn her comments into “just one of the many attacks” on Trump at the Emmys, trivializing them and stripping them of context.

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“[Trump is] the most dangerous monster to ever approach our lifetime. He’s a complete dangerous monster and at any moment that I have to call him out for being an inheritor of Hitler I will.”

First, they chose to use imagery that made the director look like a crazy howling person and Trump look like he was praying.

Here is the featured image and title of the Fox News story:

Screen capture of Fox News featured image

Screen capture of Fox News featured image

Then, they left out the context of her comments and closed the thin coverage in a single sentence trying to make it seem like just one swipe of many at the Emmy’s against the poor Republican nominee: “This, just one of the many attacks on Trump tonight at the 68th Emmys.” Possibly referring to Jimmy Kimmel’s comments, or Transparent star Jeffrey Tambor’s, who was celebrating his second win for his work on the series, agreement with Soloway’s comments.

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Soloway, who is Jewish, was discussing the well-known fact that “otherizing” people has long been used to gain political power, to “wage and win wars.” Fox News chose to leave out the following section of Soloway’s commentary, completely, which destroys the full context of her comment comparing Trump to Hitler:

“So Jews were otherized in Nazi Germany to gain political power for Hitler, and right now Donald Trump is doing the same thing.”

Jill Soloway, the director of Transparent, brings characters to television that many people wish didn’t even exist in real life. Especially people like Donald Trump, who Soloway nailed for his “otherizing” of Jews, transgender people, homosexuals, women and anyone not in the good ol’ boys club. She spelled out what she sees as the defining characteristic of Trump’s campaign, and made a well-reasoned comparison.

Here is her full comment:

“He’s otherizing people. He calls women pigs if they don’t look like beauty pageant contestants. He blames Muslims and Mexicans for our problems. He makes fun of disabled people. This is otherizing with a capital O. And has been used in our history before to start and win wars, and he needs to be called out every chance he gets for being one of the most dangerous monsters to ever approach our lifetimes.”

Yet this is all that Fox chose to use of the definitive statement above:

“He’s otherizing people, he calls women pigs if they don’t look like beauty pageant contestants, he blames Muslims and Mexicans for our problems. He makes fun of disabled people,’ she said passionately. ‘This is Otherizing with a capital ‘O’…. He needs to be called out'”

It seems that Soloway’s commentary must have struck a nerve to have to be washed so cleanly of biting context. It appears that the “fair and balanced” network is once again proving themselves to be simply the right-wing talking point network. Fox News trivialized Soloway’s entire point down to being a big old meany-head to poor, misunderstood, Trump.

Gee, this is the left-wing media we hear so much about? If these comments were so dangerous to the nominee as to have to be “whitewashed” into triviality, then perhaps they are the most important for people to hear.

Here is Soloway’s acceptance speech preceding her scathing indictment of Trump:


Featured image via screen capture

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