Fox Host (Yes, Really) Destroys Trump Spokesperson Katrina Pierson Over Hidden Tax Returns (VIDEO)

Just in case we thought that Donald Trump’s surrogate, Katrina Pierson, might undergo a cranialrectotomy, we find ourselves disabused of that notion in spectacular ways. Pierson has been all over the airwaves the past few days, leaving stunned hosts and journalists in her wake. Even with Twitter trolling her, she can’t seem to stop adding fuel to the fire.

On Sunday, Pierson appeared on Fox News with weekend host Arthel Neville and found out that, with Roger Ailes gone, some Fox folks are actually doing their jobs. Neville started by pointing out that the “tax audit” excuse was a no-go and asked Pierson why The Donald won’t release his tax returns and could she confirm that Trump isn’t trying to hide something. Pierson, clearly not paying attention to Neville’s entire question, started with the “he’s being audited” nonsense.

Then she asserted that presidential candidates releasing their tax returns is a “novelty.” Neville countered that “it’s been going on since the 1970s” and insisted that “the voters want to know.” Pierson shot back:

It’s a novelty tradition.

Look, it’s an oxymoron spouted by a real one. Neville turned on the sarcasm — and who can blame her? I’d be biting my tongue so hard that lipstick would be redundant.

Okay, since the 70s, it’s now a novelty. Here’s the thing. The reason why the voters like Mr. Trump is because he is a successful businessman. They think that he can do the same for the business of this country: Create jobs, get the economy back on track. So, that is why they want to see his tax returns. Why won’t he show them? Put the proof in the pudding.

At this point, Pierson goes to the old “media is trying to bully Trump” defense. But Neville isn’t having any of it. “It’s not about the media,” she countered. She reminded Pierson that Hillary Clinton has released her taxes (and has done so since 2001, by the way) and stated “we’re going to keep going on this” because voters want to see the tax returns. Trump is running for President, he needs to show his tax returns. “It’s that simple.”

Pierson, obviously in deeper than she can swim, pastes on a fake smile while Neville continues to hit on the point that everybody wants to see Trump’s tax returns. “I have not seen that,” Pierson quips.

By now, Neville has had enough and lays it out in simple terms:

As you know, when you submit any tax information, you are legally bound to provide factual information. So, there’s no way that, in fact, if we see those tax returns that anyone can pick them apart unless there’s something there that is something to hide, that maybe he’s not paying the tax rate that someone of his income value is doing.

With a non sequitur that Neville has “the luxury of working at Fox” instead of CNN, Pierson repeats the prevarication that Trump will release his returns once the audit is complete. Giving up on that topic for a moment, Neville switches to Trump’s speech, scheduled for Monday, about how he plans to defeat ISIS, asking Pierson to “give us a preview.” This is Pierson’s cue to mouth the same old idiocy about “strong leadership” and “supporting the military” and “not ignoring intelligence.” As if President Obama has not been strong. Maybe she ought to read the news occasionally.

Neville, by now fed up with the robotic spokeswoman, really let her sarcasm flag fly, inviting Pierson back after Trump releases his tax returns so that they can “go through it line by line.” She concludes with, “That sounds great.” And, you know what? It does sound great. I look forward to that but I won’t hold my breath. After the drubbing she received, I doubt that Pierson will ever want to face Arthel Neville again.

It’s really refreshing to see someone on Fox News doing their job. It’s like discovering a diamond in the waste. I guess without Roger Ailes breathing down their necks (and maybe groping at the same time), some Fox hosts can concentrate on doing what they should be doing. What a crazy concept!

Here’s the video courtesy of Raw Story:

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