Fox Host: We Can’t Have Family Leave Because Liberals Spend Too Much On Science (VIDEO)

Sometimes, the right subjects enter our national conversation for all the wrong reasons. In this case, Paul Ryan, who reluctantly took the job of Speaker of the House, demanded family leave time while his voting record has denied the same to millions of Americans.

While it would be tough to be a modern Republican without being a hypocrite, Fox News and the conservative media are nonetheless trying to dig their way out of the hypocrisy hole that Ryan dug over the family leave issue.

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Fox’s Andrea Tantaros addressed the issue on Monday and naturally, she blamed liberals (because who else?) and science.

Contributor Peter Johnson noted that a country that believes in family values must value family. At least, that’s my interpretation.

‘I believe that we should be encouraging families and not abortions,’ Johnson explained. ‘And if the price is to pay $1.50 a week by an employee and an employer together to ensure that a woman has the capacity to be paid two-thirds of her salary for 12 weeks then I think that’s a good thing in the United States.’

Then another Foxbot, Kennedy Montgomery, said it was too expensive and too big government-ey.

‘I think that there are plenty of wonderful things that Paul Ryan does with his family, and I think he can do them without a government mandate,’ she quipped. ‘I think we have forgotten in this country what the role of government is because we are paying for so much, we are so overextended that if this is a cultural value, if this is a thing we deem most necessary then we have to stop funding redundant federal programs.’

That’s when Tantaros chimed in with her intellectual prowess:

‘We’re bankrupt as a nation,’ Tantaros concluded. ‘Maybe take the shrimp off the treadmill, stop funding those stupid studies we’re funding. Stop funding all these other programs and prioritize if this is something that’s important to the American people.’

Of course, we could also stop funding wars, including the war on drugs.

Here’s the video:

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