Fox Host: Speaking English Is Key If We Want To Avoid War Like In…Canada…And Belgium (VIDEO)

We really do owe a debt of gratitude to Fox News. Without the absolutely idiotic things their actors and actresses say on a daily basis, we wouldn’t have nearly the amount of things on our Facebook Timelines to laugh at. Today shall be no different, as the buffoonery is just as expected.

In a segment about Jorge Ramos not being a “real reporter,” you know, like the award winning journalists propaganda spewing, knuckleheads of Fox, Silly McWhatshisface, paid actor whose name isn’t important enough to actually look up, said that Donald Trump was on to something when he said immigrants should speak English, because of the strife in those other countries that are “at war with themselves” over multiple languages.

His examples were Canada and Belgium. Two countries we rarely think about when we think about war, that are apparently embroiled in turmoil over language issues. In Canada, it can be assumed that the English-speaking crowd is unhappy that the French-speaking crowd has control over the breweries. Or is that the other way around? And everyone knows that Dr. Evil is the adopted son of a Belgian who bore “the kind of malaise that the genius possess and the insane lament.”

Fox News is truly a quagmire of absurdity.

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