Fox Host Says Trump’s Wall Is No Different Than ‘Obama’s Wall’ Around The White House (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson is very upset that people aren’t taking Donald Trump’s idea of building a wall on the Mexican border more seriously. And he just doesn’t get why those same people aren’t up in arms because, according to him, President Obama just built a wall around the White House.

On the September 1 Fox and Friends, Carlson went on a mini-rant about the new White House “wall” (actually the White House fence) while questioning why MSNBC’s Morning Joe didn’t criticize it the same way they did Trump’s border wall. What seemed to set him off was co-host Brian Kilmeade’s comment about Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s tweet saying Mexico would not pay for a wall.

Carlson tells Kilmeade,

“You know who just built a big, beautiful wall with above and below ground sensors? President Obama, around the White House. You know why he did that? Because he cares about his family. Good for him, I get it.”

The “wall” around the White House that Carlson thinks is the equivalent of a border wall is actually a high-tech fence that is replacing the old fence. It will be 11 feet-7 inches high, and will contain “anti-climb and intrusion detection technology.” And the proposal to build it came not from President Obama, but from the Secret Service. But Carlson just couldn’t resist throwing some anti-Obama red meat out for the clueless Fox viewers.

The White House grounds encompass about 18 acres. The U.S.-Mexico border is 1,989 miles long. So the first thing Carlson might want to take note of is that the fence is going to be nowhere near as long as the wall. Also, the new White House fence, at not quite 12 feet, will be a fraction of the height of Trump’s wall, which, according to the candidate himself, could be as high as 55 feet, and according to one estimate, will cost as much as $17 billion for materials alone.

Carlson’s whining echoes that of a number of right-wingers, who don’t seem to understand why the president and other officials would need to be protected by things like fences and armed guards. Simply put, Tucker, it’s to protect them from the people you and Fox News rile up with nonsense like this.

Here’s Tucker Carlson, making one of his most ridiculous comments ever (and that’s saying a lot), via Fox News/Media Matters:

Featured image via Fox News/Media Matters screen capture

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