Fox Host: Flint Water Poisoning A Ploy To Get Blacks Riled Up Enough To Vote (VIDEO)

It’s obvious that Fox News has no intention of ever becoming a network that people can tune into for intelligent commentary. Instead, they have chosen to pander to the far right-wing losers that make up the GOP base, and we all know those people aren’t interested in actual intelligence.  But what Fox host Heather Nauert said about the tragedy in Flint was low — even for them. She claimed that it may all be a political ploy to get potential “black” voters to vote.

Well this is a way they could potentially get more black votes in the coming election.

It is quite disgusting that the man-made deadly crisis is being ignored by the GOP candidates. It’s like they believe that if they just don’t talk about how conservative policies run amok caused the tragic lead poisoning of American children and the spread of waterborne bacteria and diseases, like Legionnaire’s Disease, it will somehow go away. Now, their professionally butthurt “news” station is trying to bury the fact that this is a Republican made disaster by politicizing and spinning the Republican-requested involvement of the federal government as a liberal plot to get minorities to vote.

The right-wing, it seems, will not rest until John Q. America’s kid has polio, lead poisoning and lives with the same basic problems as third-world nation’s children do.

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