Fox Host Drops Huge Truth Bomb That Is So Awesome It Might Get Him Fired (VIDEO)

If you heard a rumble on Wednesday morning, it might have been the sound of a whole lot of people falling over from something that they heard on Fox News. Because news anchor Shepard Smith spoke the truth, and that’s something that rarely happens on the “fair and balanced” network.

Smith and fellow anchor Bill Hemmer were covering the pope’s arrival at the White House on America’s Newsroom, when Hemmer brought up how the pope may make some in Washington uncomfortable when he speaks in front of a joint session of congress on Thursday. Echoing a talking point used by the Fox religion correspondent Lauren Green, Hemmer referred to the pope as an “equal opportunity offender.” That comment seemed to set Smith off.

In a truth-filled soliloquy that would have made the late CBS commentator Eric Sevareid proud, Smith called out Republicans and their allies at Fox and elsewhere for politicizing literally everything. Without mentioning any person or organization by name, Smith pointed out that there are a number of things that are now considered “political” that really aren’t political at all. Caring for the poor and needy. Advancing economic opportunity. Protecting the rights of religious minorities, and their religious freedom. Being good stewards of the planet. And for good measure, Smith referred to President Obama as “OUR president,” which certainly set some conservative heads ablaze.

It was surprising that the director didn’t cut to commercial. Maybe he or she was as shocked at Shepard’s truth bomb as a lot of Fox viewers probably were.

And Smith is right. He obviously remembers a time, like many of us, when Democrats and Republicans, left and right, agreed that certain things were problems. The disagreements came over the solutions. Now, according to most Republicans, the poor are simply “lazy.” Man made climate change is a “hoax.” Islam is a religion that doesn’t fit with the ideals and principles of the United States. Etc, etc, etc.

This is two minutes of truth, the likes of which you seldom hear spoken on Fox News. Here’s the video, via Media Matters:

Featured image via Inquisitr

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