Fox Guest Calls Texas Grand Jury’s Planned Parenthood Decision A ‘Political Hit Job’ (VIDEO)

Fox’s favorite judge, Andrew Napolitano, is not happy about the Texas grand jury that declined to indict Planned Parenthood for illegal activities. Instead, that grand jury indicted two of the principals of the group responsible for making the videos that started the firestorm, David Daleidin and Sandra Merritt. Napolitano doesn’t seem to understand how a grand jury could possibly look at the facts and come to that conclusion.

Napolitano sat down with Steve Doocy on the January 26 “Fox and Friends” to talk about what happened in Texas, and neither could believe what the grand jury did. Doocy introduces the segment by saying:

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So this grand jury was looking into whether or not Planned Parenthood had broken any laws. And rather than saying, yeah, they broke the laws, they said the people who did the investigating broke the laws.

The grand jury’s finding that Planned Parenthood had not violated any laws is consistent with the findings of multiple investigations by a variety of states, many of them like Texas controlled by Republicans. But Napolitano agrees with Doocy. He calls the decision a “head scratcher.” He then proceeds to lie about the entire issue, saying that Planned Parenthood was using government dollars to perform abortions and then sell “baby parts.”

Napolitano thinks that Daleidin, Merritt, and their co-conspiritors are “journalists” who set out to investigate what was going on at Planned Parenthood. Of course Fox News is one of the biggest outlets for the “journalism” of James O’Keefe, so it’s not surprising that he believes the folks from the Center For Medical Progress are journalists, too. Napolitano and Doocy just can’t see the difference between what Daleidin’s group did and what investigative journalists do. Napolitano says:

You know, this type of indictment will chill, will deter journalists who want to have conversations with people.

Doocy chimes in, saying that what CMP did is just standard practice in journalism:

Journalists use the techniques every day. 60 Minutes, 20/20 —

Sure, journalists do undercover investigations all the time. But the way CMP conducted this attack on Planned Parenthood bears little resemblance to actual journalism. To start with, journalists typically go undercover to find out the truth about a situation, not to try and set up the people involved. Journalists also do not usually create fake corporations and register them with the IRS. And journalists do not manipulate their videos during the editing process to make them present a story that is different from what actually happened. But wait, Napolitano works for Fox News, so I suppose you can forgive him a little for not understanding what actual journalists do.

Doocy says that Daleidin was charged with “purchasing human organs,” and doesn’t understand why he would face that charge without Planned Parenthood being charged for selling them. But Doocy has that totally wrong. Daleidin is charged with “prohibition of the purchase and sale of human organs.” [emphasis added] That’s pretty much exactly the opposite of what Doocy claims the charge is.

Napolitano’s opinion about why this decision came down the way it did is simply strange. He identifies the prosecutor involved as “appointed by Governor Perry, a former judge, a Republican woman,” but he calls the decision “a political hit job.” A political hit job by Republicans against a group, anti-abortion extremists, that is one of the biggest supporters of Republicans when it comes to women’s issues? The judge certainly wouldn’t be saying it’s because the prosecutor is a woman. Or would he?

Here is Andrew Napolitano’s conversation with Steve Doocy from “Fox and Friends”:

Featured image via Fox News screen capture

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