Fox News Gives In to Trump Mania: Criticizing Trump Is Downright Un-American (VIDEO)

Megyn Kelly might still loathe Trump, but the rest of Fox News appears to be coming around to him.

Following Trump’s landslide victory over his Republican challengers in the New Hampshire primary and extremely disturbing poll that shows Trump’s national support just hit an all-time high of 44 percent of likely Republican voters, the conservative news network has read the writing on the wall – and now they are going all in on Trump.

To highlight this distinct shift towards the Republican billionaire, Eric Bolling took time during a segment on Cashin In to not only praise Trump, but accuse Republicans of being un-American if they try to criticize him.

Look, establishment, if you truly care about America as I do, Trump’s not your problem. Liberals and socialists are. Why not use that Super PAC money to expose the dark underbelly of liberal politics?

In short, Bolling is telling his viewers to stop focusing on attacking Trump and go after liberals. This is distinctly different than the tune Fox was singing early in Trump’s campaign. The first Republican Debate was centered entirely on trying to destroy Donald Trump – it backfired and he’s only gotten more popular since.

This isn’t the first time Fox has used the “You’re not a real American if you don’t agree with us!” argument. You may recall it was practically the network’s motto during the Bush administration. Any sign of criticism towards George Bush was immediately blasted as hurting the country, hurting the troops, and helping the terrorists. It was an ugly, jingoistic time and one that Fox News profited handsomely from.

Now that they appear to be doing it again with Trump, the immortal words of Jon Stewart come to mind when he reflected on Fox’s ability to bash Obama and praise Bush:

Fuck you and all your false patriotism. When Bush took us to war, any criticism was shouted down as treasonous. But a president you don’t like has the country poised on the same precipice [and] no transgression — no matter how immaterial and ridiculous — is too small to cite as evidence that this president isn’t as American as you are.

Fox News is a hypocritical, opportunistic leech that is drawn to the body heat of Trump’s brand of hate-fueled populism. That this would inevitable happen was common sense. Admittedly, it was strange to see the pair butting heads when it was so obvious that they were made for each other. Fox News has finally begun to learn to let go and let Trump.

Featured image via Fox News

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