Fox And Friends’ Steve Doocy Swears He Saw Donald Trump’s ‘Cheering 9/11 Muslims’ (VIDEO)

Apparently, Donald Trump’s creative story telling is contagious! Fox and Friends’ Steve Doocy says that he too saw Muslims cheering on 9/11. Now, has called bullshit on this and PolitiFact gave it their coveted “pants on fire” rating. But this didn’t stop Doocy on Monday:

I actually remember things like that. I remember, because I live one town away from one of the towns where, according to my neighbors, they saw it with their own two eyes, there were people celebrating…I also remember there was video on television. I don’t remember if it was from that town or from New Jersey. Nonetheless, Donald Trump says there are a lot of people out there who have verified the idea of his story.

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Check out Elizabeth Hasselbeck (who is leaving to go spend more time with her family) when she gives him a look like “you did NOT just say that.”

If every fact checker has denied this happened and local police even say that nothing like this happened, how is it possible that these people can create their own reality? Don’t we generally call people like that schizophrenic?



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