Fox And Friends Has Hissyfit: Black Captain America Targeting Republicans! (VIDEO)

Fox and Friends had a collective hissy fit on the curvy couch, claiming that the new Black Captain America is targeting conservatives who are against “unlimited illegal immigration.” They also added in that a black Captain America is a publicity stunt. No this is not satire, they really said this.

Fox might be right on the money with this one. Everyone knows Republicans don’t read, so how would they have known if not for Tucker Carlson wetting himself over this on live TV?

The fictional enemy that the black Captain America (they really felt they had to point out the fact he is black for some reason) is targeting, is called the “Supreme Serpent”. Three seconds of Google show why they should be embarrassed to even talk about this.

Note: The “Supreme Serpent” is leader of the criminal organization called “The Sons of the Serpent”.

The Sons of the Serpent are a subversive organization of costumed American racist super-patriots who oppose all racial, ethnic, and religious minorities. They sought to subvert America through hate crimes and organized protests, and were opposed by the Avengers and the Defenders.

“Costumed American racist super-patriots who oppose all racial, ethnic, and religious minorities” – Sound Familiar?

KKK rally. Photo: Youtube Screen Capture

KKK rally. Photo: Youtube Screen Capture

That’s right friends. Fox News is literally so stupid, that they cannot understand a metaphor for the Ku Klux Klan, and they are criticizing the symbolism of a Black Captain America fighting back against them. What more can really be said about this?

The token skirt on the panel ended the segment by saying “Keep politics out of comic books”. We’ll get right on that, lady.

Watch Fox and Friends’ ignorant temper tantrum in the clip below:

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Featured Image via Youtube screen capture

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