FOUND: The Portrait Of Himself Trump Paid For With $20,000 In Charity Money – And It’s SO Bad

In an otherwise explosive story about Donald Trump’s staggering corruption, the Washington Post cryptically floated a frustratingly vague fact that Trump once spent $20,000 in his charity’s money to commission a massive portrait of himself. Unfortunately, no known image of the finished product was, at that time, available.

Now we have it.

For weeks, internet sleuths have been trying to hunt down the portrait of Donald Trump. There were two questions unanswered: What did this $20,000 painting look like and where is it?

The answers are: “Hilariously bad” and “Hanging up in one of Trump’s private resorts.” Sometimes the answers to burning questions are painfully obvious.

Immediately people noticed something odd about the 20 grand picture: It’s a carbon copy of one of Trump’s most commonly used publicity shots. The image itself is one of the top results when you search “Donald Trump” on Google.

Boing Boing put the images side-by-side:


The “artist” appears to have overexposed the original image, and simply painted over the top of it using something akin to paint-by-numbers technique. Trump, who has based his entire presidential platform on the insistence that he makes “the best deals,” made a truly awful deal. Twenty thousand dollars for something a beginner’s art class could do as an ice breaker on the first day.

However, Trump does have one counterargument: It’s an open secret that Trump almost never donated his own money to his foundation. The painting was free for him. He just had to waste other people’s money. Not exactly something he can brag brag about on the campaign trail, though.

Featured image via Scott Olson/Getty Images

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