Former Planned Parenthood Employee Tweets List Of Right-Wing Terrorism She’s Survived (TWEETS)

There is no doubt that the right-wing’s decades-long war on women’s rights has created terrorists and we were reminded of that again last week. After months of the GOP screaming that Planned Parenthood was “selling baby parts,” one of their devout followers decided to save the babies of Colorado Springs by attacking a clinic. He killed three people — including a police officer and Iraq War veteran — before being apprehended by law enforcement. But this wasn’t an isolated incident, acts of terror have been perpetrated against the women’s health organization for years and now one former employee has tweeted a list of things she has survived.

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Bryn Greenwood worked at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Kansas for three years, according to her tweets. During her short time with the organization, her clinic was regularly the target of right-wing “Christian” terrorists:

Those are the kinds of acts spurred by the GOP’s incessant lies about Planned Parenthood.

It gets even worse because according to Bryn, her clinic didn’t ever perform abortions! This isn’t surprising, of course, since only about three percent of the services they provide have anything to do with abortions. Bryn goes on to say:

We did well woman exams, pregnancy tests, dispensed birth control, & treated STIs. Our clinic offered free & low cost services in a low income neighborhood, but every day the ‘pro-life’ movement tried to frighten us. The goal was to make us afraid to come to work, to make us quit, to make us close the clinic. That’s terrorism. That’s how terrorism works.

And that is the bottom line. These are acts of terror and the Republican Party should take responsibility for the terrorists they have created. But we all know they won’t, because they are as cowardly as the people who called into Bryn’s clinic and called her a “murdering whore.”

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