Former Opponent And Obama Adviser David Plouffe Endorses Hillary Clinton For President (VIDEO)

The 2012 Democratic presidential primaries were, by all accounts, a hard-fought battle between Hillary Clinton and the eventual winner, President Barack Obama. Unlike their Republican counterparts, however, Clinton, Obama and their staffers maintained a great deal of respect for their opponents.

That much is obvious when you read David Plouffe’s Saturday online post endorsing Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. In his post, Plouffe describes President Obama’s achievements, including health care reform, improving the economy, saving the auto industry, job growth, Wall Street reforms, immigration, fair pay and climate change, among others.

Plouffe unequivocally states that Hillary Clinton is the best person to protect President Obama’s legacy.

She doesn’t quit. And there were times I wish she had! But you have to deeply admire that strength and persistence. From the moment she went to work for the Children’s Defense Fund out of law school, she’s been working to make people’s lives better — as an advocate for women and kids, as First Lady of the United States, as U.S. Senator for New York and as a truly exceptional Secretary of State — a job she showed courage and patriotism to accept after such a tough campaign. We’ve all benefited from her service to America, and I believe we will benefit most of all from the eight remaining years of service she intends to provide the country.

In describing where the United States is at the present time, Plouffe lists issues that Americans still face: worries about retirement, workers earning less for more work, climate change, terrorism, and losing faith in our elected leadership in Washington. Plouffe sums up his thoughts with the following:

The stakes in this election are enormous, too. The difference between Hillary Clinton and a President Trump, Carson, or Rubio could not be more profound. Once again, we need a leader who understands the challenges we face — and someone who can and will do something about it.

Hillary is that leader, for this time.

Go win this thing, Madam Secretary.

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Let’s watch a video of David Plouffe’s thoughts on a Hillary Clinton candidacy:

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