Former Leader Of France’s Right-Wing Fascist Party Endorses Donald Trump

Donald Trump keeps racking up the endorsements from the most racist, xenophobic, vile people to walk the face of the earth. With former KKK Grand Wizard and ex-Louisiana politician David Duke’s endorsement, the white nationalists are lining up in droves for a Trump presidency. But the fascism doesn’t just stop here in America. Apparently, Trump is making ripples across the world.

France’s most extreme, xenophobic, fascist politician has formally endorsed the billionaire mogul. Jean-Marie Le Pen, the former leader of the right-wing populist party, Le Front National, tweeted that if he were an American, he would vote for Donald Trump, then offered God’s blessing to the GOP frontrunner.

Le Pen, who is a member of the European Parliament, has a long and controversial history with regards to statements made regarding Muslims, Jews, the Holocaust, immigration and European politics. On two separate occasions, Le Pen was fined 10,000 euros for “incitement to discrimination, hatred and violence towards a group of people” with regards to French Muslims, and has also been convicted of racism or inciting racial hatred at least six times due to inflammatory comments made regarding different ethnic and religious groups. In 1987, Le Pen faced a wave of legal attacks after allegedly denying the existence of gas chambers in Nazi Germany, calling them a “mere detail” in the fight against Germany in World War II. That comment got him fine of 182,000 euros. In 1996, he was tried by a German court in Munich for “minimizing the Holocaust, which caused the deaths of six million Jews” after again brushing off the gas chambers as an unimportant detail. He later made headlines when he referred to a Jewish politician, Michel Durafour, as “Durafour-crématoire,” or “crematory oven.”

Le Pen has brushed off former French President Nicolas Sarkozy as “the foreigner” due to his Hungarian and Greek-Jewish background, and has denounced the French World Cup squad because it had too many “non-white” players.

So Trump’s newest supporter is a holocaust denying, hate-crime inciting, racist bigot who also happens to be an ardent fascist-nationalist who hates Muslims. The two are a match made in heaven, cut from the same cloth.

Le Pen’s daughter, Marine, is currently a frontrunner for the French presidential elections in 2017. Due to the elder Le Pen’s extremist views (and recent comments regarding Algerian occupation), the daughter has officially kicked him out of their party (which he founded in 1972).  Let that sink in: this guy is so over the top that not even his daughter wants anything to do with him.

Congrats on the newest endorsement, Trump. He’s real winner.

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