Former GOP Rep Throws Support Behind Obamacare After Becoming Unemployed With Pre-Existing Condition

This proves that Republicans never care about the struggles Americans face until they go through it themselves.

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Donald Trump is continuing to push Republicans to pass his Trumpcare bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would strip healthcare from millions of Americans and end protections that help people with pre-existing conditions get access to affordable health insurance.

Republicans have been whining about what is also known as Obamacare for a long time now. They even demonized the landmark healthcare law so much that they ran campaigns on it. That includes David Jolly, who ran an anti-Obamacare campaign in Florida back in 2014 for a House seat.

Jolly has since lost his seat in Congress, but he is singing a much different tune about the Affordable Care Act now.

You see, Jolly became unemployed after losing his re-election bid. And to top it all off, he has a pre-existing condition that would have made getting insurance much harder had it not been for the protections provided by Obamacare, the very same law that Jolly opposed.

During an appearance on MSNBC on Monday night, Jolly revealed that he has a pre-existing condition and went to say that he now supports Obamacare and does not want it to be repealed because doing so would put millions of Americans at serious risk.

“On January 4th, I was a former member of Congress — unemployed with no health insurance,” Jolly explained. “And a pre-existing condition.”

“And while I ultimately chose a private sector plan, I also knew in 2017 that Obamacare provided an exchange that was a safety net that wasn’t there before,” Jolly continued. “If I had to rely on it, I knew it was there.”

Jolly went to say that the politics of Obamacare are different today than they were in 2013 when he ran for Congress out of anger towards Obamacare. But he now realizes that Obamacare provides protections and options for people who need a safety net.

Here’s the video via YouTube. Jolly’s relevant remarks are at the 9:30 mark.

22 million Americans would lose their healthcare coverage if Republicans pass Trump’s healthcare bill. Republicans in Congress, meanwhile, get to keep their taxpayer-funded health insurance. That’s not right.

The Trumpcare bill is cruel. It destroys healthcare for the poor just so the wealthy can get a major tax cut. It should not only end the political careers of any Republican who votes for it, it should put them behind bars. People will die because of this bill. And when that happens, every Republican who voted for it should be charged with murder.

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