Former FBI Agent: ‘Stay Tuned’ Because Mueller Is Hot On Trump’s Trail (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is terrified of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. This is especially true since it has been revealed that Mueller has now impaneled a grand jury in Washington D.C. in the Russian probe. Now, according to a former FBI Agent, Trump is right to be very, very worried.

Asha Rangappa is now a national security analyst for CNN. She also is the Associate Dean of Yale Law School. Before that, though, she worked for the FBI. On Saturday, she had a warning for Trump, and hopeful news for the American people. First, she talked about disgraced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and the Mueller team’s request that the White House hand over all documents relating to Flynn’s short and troubled time in the White House:

“They probably honed in on a crime or some set of crimes that they want to get more information on. They’re probably looking for any kind of communications.”

Of course, this is likely related to foreign payments that Flynn received but did not immediately disclose. Then, Rangappa went on to say that the grand jury is definitely bad news for Trump and the people in his orbit:

“The new grand jury is an indication that this is expanding. This is probably still in the early stages. It would be normal at this point to collect more evidence, so they want possibly financial records, they want people to come in and testify under oath to get more information and they’re going to use that to proceed. So this is going to be one stage of many as I explained to some people, if this were a TV drama, this might be Episode 4. So, stay tuned. There’s more coming.”

This is getting hotter by the day, and no amount of Trump’s going on unhinged Twitter rants about how the Russia story is “fake news,” a “witch hunt,” or a “hoax” will stop Robert Mueller from getting to the bottom of what happened between Team Trump and the Russians. We will be staying tuned for sure, Ms. Rangappa. You can bet on that.

Watch the video below:

Featured image via Ann Heisenfelt/Getty Images

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