Former Director Of National Intelligence Smacks Down Trump’s Bogus Wiretap Claims (VIDEO)

The former Director of National Intelligence stepped up on Sunday to smack down Donald Trump’s paranoid claims that former President Obama had his “wires tapped.”

James Clapper served as DNI from 2010 until just this year. He appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press this Sundaywhere he told host Chuck Todd in no uncertain terms that there has never been a wiretap at Trump Tower. Todd asked Clapper if he would have known about it if Obama had ordered an illegal wiretap. His response was crystal clear.

“I would certainly hope so,” Clapper replied. “I will say that the part of the national security apparatus that I oversaw — the DNI — there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president — the president-elect at that time or as a candidate — or against his campaign.”

Todd then questioned Clapper as to whether he would have been aware of it if any other agencies, such as the FBI, had sought a FISA court order for a wiretap. “Yes,” Clapper responded adamantly.

“At this point, you can’t confirm or deny whether that exists?” Todd asked.

“I can deny it,” the former DNI responded focefully.

Clapper added that there is absolutely no FISA court order at Trump Tower, which seemed to surprise Todd.

Watch the former Director of National Intelligence declare Trump’s wiretap claims to be nothing more than a paranoid delusion, here:

Featured image via video screen capture

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