Forget Obama: Rupert Murdoch Crowns Ben Carson As ‘Real Black President’

According to Rupert Murdoch, the billionaire founder of News Corp–parent company to Fox News, Ben Carson would be a “real black President” as compared to current black American President. In a Tweet praising Carson, Murdoch stated:

Almost as a means of justifying his statement, Murdoch stumbles directly into the “black-splaining” trope–conveniently referring to one’s black “friends” to explain how what one just said was somehow not racist–with his follow-up tweet:

You would have to assume that Murdoch was referring to this piece in New York Magazine outlining various concerns and complaints leading African-American voices had with our first black president’s inability to address directly the concerns of the African American community. The twisted irony is that the article he uses is filled with voices he and his propaganda empire have dedicated their existence to opposing including Al Sharpton, Van Jones, and Professor Althea Butler to name a few.

The irony of Murdoch using an article that references Professor Althea Butler is that earlier this week she was lambasted by along with Conservative-Twitter for referring to Ben Carson as a “coon,” a term some black Americans use to refer to another black person who mindlessly carries the white agenda to the detriment of his own people.

However, in this instance, Professor Butler is useful to Rupert Murdoch’s narrative and agenda, so he has no qualms co-opting her voice along with the voices of other progressive African-Americans for his right-wing agenda. He has no problem momentarily using these black voices so long as they are doing his bidding.

And this gets to the heart of the arrogance of Murdoch’s words which is two-fold:

1.) Murdoch presumes to be able to determine what is genuinely black and what is not. Hopefully, I do not need to refer directly to why this is historically troubling. Let’s just say that Murdoch has proven that it was not only the slave master who wished to assert this type of promotion power over black people. The desire and belief that the white aristocracy had the right to determine both the worth and destiny of black people has been a recurring theme in American history.

2.) Murdoch simultaneously forwards the cognitively dissonant notion that President Obama, the target of the right-wing conservative racial dog-whistles and blowhorns, is somehow the reason there is a racial divide in America. Nevermind the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow and the ever-present Southern Strategy.

Rupert Murdoch, Breitbart and white conservatives have waded into conversations of black Americans to suggest that they alone, not black people, have the power to determine for black people how they should perceive other African Americans and that they have the right to determine what black leader is acceptable in America.

For them, the only black face that is acceptable is one that blindly carries conservative propaganda designed to protect the status-quo power structure that Bill O’Reilly boldly stated was controlled by white, Christian, men.

And so long as a black person protects this power structure, he or she is the perfect vessel for conservativism because white conservatives like Rupert Murdoch believe that skin color alone will intoxicate the minds of black people into voting against their best interest just like the Southern Strategy and the culture wars were successfully able to lure the racists, bigots, and religious zealots into voting against their best economic interests.

So to that end, I agree: Ben Carson is about as black as a Rupert Murdoch would ever want him to be.

Update: Murdoch has since apologized via Tweet.

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