FLOTUS For The WIN!: Michelle Mocks Trump’s Post-Debate Whining With Hilarious Dig (VIDEO)

First Lady Michelle Obama is out campaigning for Hillary Clinton, doing her part to see that Donald Trump is defeated on Election Day. In her speech in Charlotte, North Carolina, she addressed some of the very serious issues that are currently consuming this election cycle, specifically Trump’s disparaging remarks about women, vets, and individuals with disabilities. She hammered home the idea that Trump won’t be changing who he is when he takes office and the risks associated with someone as unpredictable as Trump being handed the keys to the Oval Office.

She shredded Trump’s temperament and his habit of nearly always blaming his losses on something other than his own poor performance. After the first Presidential Debate Trump whined about his microphone not working correctly in the debate hall. This problem did not impact the broadcast in any way. Yet, Trump has clung to the idea that his microphone is to blame for his disastrous performance.

When Trump isn’t whining about how a system is rigid or his loss was the fault of everyone but himself; he is spouting off about Hillary Clinton’s stamina, portraying the former Secretary of State as a weakling. This idea couldn’t be further from the truth.

Michelle wasn’t having it. She told the crowd in North Carolina:

“Hillary Clinton is tough. . . when she gets knocked down she doesn’t cry foul!”

It wasn’t just her words, though. Watch this vine and you’ll see it.

She tapped the microphone! So, who wants to bet what the next Trumpian Temper Tantrum will be about? Ha!

You can watch Michelle’s full campaign speech for Hillary Clinton, here:

Featured image via Getty Images/Mark Wilson/Staff

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