‘FLOTUS for POTUS!’: People Are LOSING IT After Michelle Crushes Trump On Sex Abuse Brag (VIDEO)

First Lady Michelle Obama gave an eloquent takedown of Donald Trump and his brag that he can sexually assault any woman he pleases because he is a celebrity, and people couldn’t be more impressed with what she had to say.

“We can’t just sit around wringing our hands,” said the first lady. “We need to recover from our shock and depression and do what women have always done in this country. We need you to roll up your sleeves. We need to get to work. Because remember this, when they go low, we go” and then as she pointed to the sky, the crowd shouted “high.”

“Yes we do,” she continued.

Michelle Obama added that in addition to just voting, which she noted is only the “first step,” women in this country need to “step up and start organizing.”

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Twitter erupted after her latest speech and the response couldn’t be more positive.

Needless to say, even Hillary Clinton was a fan.

Michelle Obama’s take down of Trump and his boasts of being a sexual predator was a truly beautiful moment and couldn’t have been classier. She also proved just what a valuable weapon she is for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Watch the First Lady crush Trump, here:

Featured image via Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

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