Florida’s Answer To Campus Shootings And Rape: Let The Students Carry Guns

In typical red-state fashion, Florida’s legislature is looking to save the lives of shooting victims and prevent campus rape…by allowing students to carry guns on campus.

Barely adults, prone to poor decisions and many living apart from their parents for the first time, college students can be wild, impulsive and juvenile.

Before you jump to the end of the story and skewer me in the comments, let me be sure to be clear.  Not all college students can or should be categorized this way.  Maybe not even a majority.  I would argue, in the very least, that there are enough who qualify for the above description to make the carrying of firearms on college campuses a very bad idea.

Florida disagrees.

The Criminal Justice subcommittee of the Florida House is prepared to allow students to carry concealed weapons, approving HB 4005.

The bill would allow students over 21 to carry concealed weapons on college campuses, removing them from the “gun free zone” designation.  Rep. Greg Steube thinks that allowing weapons on campuses would deter mass shootings, ignoring research that debunks the claim.

Steube told a local Fox News station:

I don’t think that law-abiding citizens should be stripped of that right to defend themselves and others, just because they walk onto a college campus.  We’re really not talking about students. We’re talking about folks who have gone through the training, more faculty, staff.

No, you’re talking specifically about students.  If the bill were about “well-trained” faculty and staff this article would have nothing to do with students.

If only Mr. Steub were a bit more transparent with this statement.  It should read “for those of you concerned that college campuses aren’t a good place to allow guns, look over here at this shiny object while I lie about the bill and what its intentions are.”

Shame on you, Steub.  If you’re going to parrot for the NRA and attempt to increase the profits of gun manufacturers by a few dozen weapons per campus just say so.  Your voters don’t care, they’re as ignorant as you are.

Florida campuses fail at preventing and prosecuting rape.

In 2012 and 2013, 55 rapes were reported to campus police departments.  5 led to arrests, none to convictions.

Rape on campus in Florida seems easy enough.  Do you really think adding loaded guns to the equation will help?

All of the research on guns and colleges points to bad things.  You’re inviting the potential for disaster.  You’re putting students at risk, and you’re doing it to protect an ideal that is in no way conducive to the evolution of our society away from violence.

Continuing our gun culture and inflating our fears might be winning you elections right now, but it won’t be long before people are completely fed up.

One can only hope, anyway.

H/T: Think Progress | Image: blog.sfgate.com




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