Florida GOP Governor Airs First Ever State-Sponsored Cyberbully Attack Against A Citizen (VIDEO)

Well, it’s finally come to this. The Republican government is now using state-sponsored cyberbullying media attacks against U.S. Citizens, for no reason other than to be a bunch of total d*cks.

The sitting governor of Florida, Rick Scott (Republican, of course) was recently heckled at a Starbucks by a Florida citizen when she called him an “as*hole” and told him he doesn’t care about the citizens of his state.

She’s right. He really doesn’t. Rick Scott might not even be human. Just google pictures of him to see what I mean. Regardless of extra-terrestrial ancestry, he is one of the worst governors in modern U.S. history.

That’s when things took a very dark turn, and Rick decided to use his position as Governor to literally cyber bully a person that was critical of him.

Rick soon released what looked like a legitimate campaign ad, but instead it was an ad attacking the woman who criticized him personally! It was rude, obnoxious, and said some extremely hateful things about her as an individual.

This is completely unacceptable! If this goes unchallenged, it sets a precedent where Republicans will personally cyber bully you if you don’t agree with them, or are critical of them. It’s wrong, and Rick Scott needs to apologize immediately.

Watch what might be the first ever personal cyber bully attack against a citizen by the American government below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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